Thoughts Like Birds



As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm returning to the writing enterprise after seven years of not writing (I'm not counting my personal journal, which typically contains a lot of whinging about work and weight). I resumed full-time employment when... Continue Reading →

The seven-year itch

Early lesson in blogging: my blog writing looks like it was edited by wolves. Snatched up in snarling jaws, shaken viciously, swallowed whole, then yacked, partially masticated, on the ground. Held together by drool. There are no Maxwell Perkinses for... Continue Reading →

Thoughts like birds

The phrase "thoughts like birds" is not from a poem by Emily Dickinson. At least I find no evidence to the contrary. I have been carrying this bit of misinformation in my head for some twenty years. Somewhere between AP... Continue Reading →

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